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How to reduce the problem in the process of color box printing?
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In the past we produce beer box in a beer factory use, there have been such a situation: after beer ...

In the past we produce beer box in a beer factory use, there have been such a situation: after beer filling and packaging products, online delivery or stacking warehouse, some local color box appears moisture phenomenon, its reason is: just filling beer has a certain temperature, hot steam after packing box form the amount of not quickly dissipated, so the hot steam was immediately in the paper (cardboard box) absorption and penetration into the corrugated paper until the outermost layer of the white paper. After the moisture absorption of the box box, the deformation and the compressive strength decrease rapidly, which affects the quality of the packaging.


Through quality tracking and analysis, we found that there were no such cases in the other breweries, which had the same quality of paper boxes. This indicates that the environmental and technological characteristics of beer production line are different, and also affect the difference of moisture-proof performance of color boxes. In view of these situations, we should take corresponding technological measures according to local conditions, and achieve reasonable damp proof effect by rationally designing the forming process of the color box.

It is in the production of die, the design in the beer box side mark (i.e. side) position, respectively, 2 18mm diameter circular holes, the 4 hole diameter from the upper cover and side line indentation indentation, respectively 40mm and 3.5mm, this beer factory online irrigation wine packaging, the 4 vent holes on box can be quickly excreted in the form of steam, air convection phenomenon, can effectively avoid the phenomenon of moisture absorption, moisture appear color box. By adopting this process improvement, the beer box we produced has been well used in the online packaging test of brewery, and achieved good moistureproof effect. The customer also accepted this improved technology satisfactorily.

The printing paper warehouse is a important part of the paper moisture directly affect the printing quality and progress, serious can flouncing and crepe paper, not printed. Choose the warehouse is higher, and the outside air is not directly convection, close the doors and windows and can prevent the air flow in this environment is the best wet warehouse doors and windows closed, the air conditioning to smoke wet stalls after 24 hours can be solved, no air conditioning installed only in the warehouse each place to release lime or charcoal, so the warehouse in moist air drying, air dry naturally flat paper

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